Bright Solar has ensured that environment remains the priority for the energy needs of mankind. We have been manufacturing solar products and contracting many solar projects for years.

And now we are expanding our domain to an online store - BRIGHT SOLAR MART. Here, you can browse to a wide range of solar products, explore new things, quickly place orders and procure at your convenience.


Our Upcoming Products on E-Commerce Platform (

1 Solar Panel Mono & poly
2 Solar Pump End
3 Solar Pump Motor
4 Solar Pump Set
5 Solar DC Pumpset
6 Solar Pump Invetor / Controller
7 Solar Panel Mounting
8 Solar Pump Pipe
9 Solar Pump Accessories
10 Solar Pump Earth Kit & Lightning Arrestor
11 Solar PV Remote Monitoring
12 Solar Pv Lantern
13 Solar PV Home Light - Small upto 75w
14 Solar Pv Powerpack - 100w
15 Solar PV Batteries & Boxes
16 Solar LED Lamp & Luminaries
17 Solar PV Charge Controller
18 Solar PV Street light & All in one
19 Solar Torch & Table Lamp & Mobile Charger & FM & Solar Bag & All Small Gadgets
20 Solar PV Dryer & Heat Exchanger & Solar PV Cooker
21 Solar Pv Traffic Light & Blinker
22 Solar PV Charkha (Textile)
23 Solar PV Roof-top On Grid
24 Solar PV Roof-top Off Grid
25 Solar DC TV & DVD
26 Solar DC Fan & Air Cooler
27 Solar PV A.C.
28 Solar PV Cable & Connector & Accessories
29 Solar Pv Cells
30 Solar PV DC Fridge